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The OMRA has been around since 1972 and is the statewide sanctioning body for off-road motorcycle events for the state of Oregon. It is a member-run club, whose main purpose is to unite responsible trail riders, racers and dualsport riders who wish to promote, preserve and protect enjoyable off-road recreation while, at the same time, emphasizing FUN!  

This dedicated organization regularly meets to study, evaluate, and make recommendations on issues of importance to Oregon riders.

The OMRA is involved in many issues:

The Newsletter

The official OMRA newsletter is published quarterly and contains details of past rides and happenings, plus provides a calendar of events to keep members informed of upcoming rides, races, upcoming work days and other items of interest. The OMRA newsletter is delivered to its members, clubs and dealers around Oregon and the Northwest.

The People

OMRA members consist of all ages who are comprising individuals, families, and commercial members.

Monthly meetings of the OMRA are held the first Wednesday of each month (except the November Calendar Meeting). CLICK HERE for the location.

Why become an OMRA member?

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The most important reason to get involved is to help us build a group large enough, educated enough and powerful enough to make an impact on the future of trails in Oregon and the country.

We work in cooperation with: order to stay informed of and influence matters affecting off-highway recreation.

We promote the TEAM STEALTH concept by encouraging riders to get the quietest machine they can, then make it quieter. Your involvement is needed to insure continued trail use.

The USFS, BLM, ODF and private land owners want to work with organized clubs. The amount of miles designated for OHV use is directly related to the number of users. By getting involved you will have the opportunity to preserve this type of recreational use for future generations. Your ideas and opinions will be considered by the public and private land owners in the development of trails as part of the forest management plans.

In unity there is strength. By being an OMRA member, you will add your voice to the thousands of other enthusiasts who are striving for the same goals.

Another reason to join is to have a chance to ride some of the finest trails in Oregon and spend time with other people who enjoy off-road recreation and like minds.

As an OMRA member you may receive discounts on parts and products from select dealers.

Where do my dues go?

Dues provide the essential resources with which activities are conducted and for:

  • Maintenance and improvement of our riding areas.

  • Publication and distribution of our quarterly newsletter.

  • Expenses for members to attend workshops and conferences vital to the organization's activities.

  • Off-road vehicle legislation.

  • Trophies for year-end series winners.

How to become a member

Individual/Family Memberships:
Memberships are for a full calendar year beginning in January. Individual non-competition memberships are available for only $10. In family situations, the membership fee will cover a husband, wife and any children living in the same residence for only $25. Competition memberships are $20 for each competitor for the first series and $10 for each additional series (Cross Country, ISDE, Grand Prix, Dualsport). This slightly higher competition membership fee covers the cost of maintaining points throughout the series and covers awards costs and the annual OMRA Awards Banquet at the beginning of each year.

Club Memberships/sanctioning fees:
Clubs that wish to be on the OMRA Event Calendar can join for $25. Commercial memberships are available to businesses and companies that would like to offer financial support for the OMRA. Commercial members will be listed and promoted in the newsletter for the same price as clubs of $25. Clubs or commercial members who wish to host an event, have an additional per-event day fee. A non-competitive event such as dualsport or poker run are $5 per day, while competitive events (ISDE, Cross-Country, Grand Prix, etc.) are $70 per day.

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Message from the President

We urge you to not take our sport for granted. OHV use on public lands continues to be targeted by the environmental extremists. We know that OHV's can be managed in an environmentally safe manner and Oregon is a model for such use.

Don't Be Locked Out!

The OMRA continues to fight closures on all public lands, but we need your help. In order to protect the trails that are now open and the future expansion of these trails, we must be as vocal as those who wish to close us out. Be counted. We encourage everyone to voice their opinion concerning existing and future riding areas on public and private lands. Write your legislators and tell them you want their support for trails on public lands. A simple letter can contribute greatly.




Protecting your right to ride!

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