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What Is The OMRA  Dualsport Series?

The Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association (OMRA) has a Dualsport Series that allows riders to accumulate points in various sanctioned dualsport events throughout the year.  These points are then totaled up at the end of the year and trophies are handed out to the winners at the year-end banquet.  By signing up with the OMRA, you are eligible to win one of these year-end trophies and bragging rights.  Since this is a non-competitive series, all entrants have an equal chance of winning.  You MUST be an OMRA member at the time of the event (either current or have signed up) to be awarded points for the event.  Please contact the OMRA Membership Director to verify your membership, if you are not listed on the Dualsport Series points totals (link at top of page).  Click here to become an OMRA member!  Below are the basic OMRA Rules for the Dualsport Series:


Riders will ride a designated course, either a hard course or an easy course, (or a combination of both) which has been laid out by the sponsoring club or promoter. There will be check points, often with games of chance where you receive points. At the end of the ride each rider’s points are totaled, the highest point total is the winner, similar to a poker run. Course directions are usually indicated by an enduro type roll chart or route sheet that the riders must follow. Bikes must be street legal and properly muffled.

OMRA Dualsport Series riders will only be competing against other OMRA Dualsport Series riders at an event, i.e. if the best finish of an OMRA Dualsport Series rider at an event was fifth place, the rider would earn first-place points, even though first through fourth place were not OMRA Dualsport Series riders.  All you need to do is be ranked above another OMRA rider at an event, that way you have a chance of winning two trophies!  In a multi-day event, your total score would be multiplied by the number of days, i.e. if you received first place after the culmination of a two-day event, your points would be equivalent to first place multiplied by the number of days - two first places.


65 Worker Points will be awarded for one event in that series. This applies to ONE event only of your choice! This is to spur participation by the riders in helping with an event, since often times events can be shorthanded.  Just call up the host club ahead of time (if you are not a member of the club) and ask if you can help.  It is up to the rider to be sure that their worker points are sent in to the OMRA points director by the hosting club. If the rider does not follow through with this, they risk not receiving their worker points.  To get the full OMRA Rule Book, click here.



Place Points Place Points
1 75 12 15
2 65 13 10
3 60 14 9
4 55 15 8
5 50 16 7
6 45 17 6
7 40 18 5
8 35 19 4
9 30 20 3
10 25 21 2
11 20 22 1
  • There will be one throw out race for each 8 events in a series.

  • To qualify for series trophy riders must participate in 50% of that series events.

  • Points will be tallied for OMRA members with a current competition card at the time of the event. 

Please join the OMRA and support the people that support the sport.  Your involvement in this organization will help make your voice heard on political issues pertaining to our sport too. 

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