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The Oregon Trails

Below are places to ride in our beautiful state. As always tread lightly and be conscious of other forest users!  NOTE: For you riders out of state, you are required to have an Oregon OHV Sticker, UNLESS you have an OHV sticker from your own state on your bike.  Also, new requirement at Oregon Dunes that all bikes must have a flag, like quad riders.

Click here to download/print a copy to store in your glovebox! Select 'Oregon ATV Map'

Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route (OBDR)

An epic journey that spans the entire North/South, 750-mile length of our beautiful state with minimal pavement. This was funded by your OHV stickers, but the environmental extremist's ploys stopped State Parks from completing it. The route continues to be open (on existing, original roads), just no longer supported by State Parks. The OHV community has continued the work and information sharing for it. Check out these links for info:

OOHVA's OBDR Info & Maps

Tom Myer's OBDR Ride

The Albert Brothers' OBDR+ Ride

4x4ing the OBDR

Regional Motocross Tracks



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